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Woman Beaten & Robbed

In today's world, physical assaults, sexual assaults, and murders happen extremely fast. Media practically ignores real victims while making champions out of life-long violent criminals who claim police brutality.

This course tips the odds in the student's favor, after successfully completing their exam.

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Real-World Combatives

"Our slick grappling, employed with the calm mind of a Chess wizard, has very little to do with surviving an attack from a real criminal.

Our sophisticated striking, employed with proper body mechanics, has very little to do with surviving an attack from a real criminal.

That's why before I accept any new student - they must complete THIS course and pass the written exam... prior to scheduling their first intro class."

If you're a martial art instructor or self-defense coach, I highly recommend you do the same. ~ Coach Brian K. Allen

Multiple Assailants Invade Home

Several people are home. Grown men included. Why is this criminal so brazen? Because he's not alone. He doesn't care about cameras.

But wait. You can only see one guy on the camera. Well, open the door to get the package that you weren't expecting... and see what happens.

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