Muscle Growth

& Strength Training

16hr Beginners Course

By: International Powerlifters Council

For our members and visitors, we’re providing a FREE, in-depth course, that is sure to help you create, improve, or update your training program. The course is delivered over two days, and will have a .pdf manual along with a few videos.

The manuals and videos contain different yet at times, overlapping information. This is intentional. You’ll want to study BOTH the written manuals and videos. 

You'll earn a certificate if you pass the 10 question quiz, at the end of day two. You can download and/or print your certificate, from your student profile.

Here are the topics covered on the specific days: 

Day #1

1. The Types Of Hypertrophy Explained

2. Training For Power – Functional Strength With High Weight

3. Training For Size – Time Under Tension & Slow Eccentrics

4. Not All Strength Is Created Equal

5. Bodyweight Training

... and more!

Day #2

1. Stretching: Why It’s So Important

2. HIIT & TABATA Explained

3. How To Hire A Personal Trainer

4. Paleo Diet Explained

5. Creating Your Own Training Program

... and more! 

Tuition For Course:

$0.00 US Funds