Martial Arts Instructor

& Coach Certification

16hr Certification Course

By: International Fudoshin Arts Association

Do you want to become a Professional Martial Arts Or Combatives Instructor? They are known as Sensei, Shihan, Sifu, Coach, etc.

There is a misconception that anyone who is excellent at their specific art, should automatically be the one who teaches new students. That is a false belief

Think about it. Some people are amazing fighters & skilled athletes... but are terrible examples of how to live. Some are arrogant. Some put students down instead of building them up.

This course covers:

  1. Aspects of being a great coach
  2. Introduce the course & training function
  3. Explore training liability
  4. Explain adult learning basics
  5. Learn about course & presentation design
  6. Learn “how” to train
  7. Discuss how to manage / eliminate stage fright
  8. Analyze classroom management techniques
  9. How to create a martial art curriculum
  10. How to structure a basic martial arts class
  11. Explain how to continuously improve your skills 

This course will prepare the student to speak, behave & present themselves as a calm professional. If you want to Enhance Your Professionalism… this course is for you! 

Tuition For This Course:

$177.00 US Funds