HR Investigations Specialist

16 Clock Hours

The HR Investigation Specialists course is going to prepare both company leaders, managers, and HR staff, as well as actual investigators – in the necessary areas related to conducting investigations in the workplace. Employees are human and you’ll eventually find yourself in a situation where one employee feels wronged by another – and you have to find the truth.

HR Investigation Specialists are used by employers to investigate complaints (harassment, discrimination, retaliation, safety and ethical) in a timely manner.

HR Investigation Specialists have to produce extremely thorough work. Their reports are used when determining if any appropriate corrective action is required to be taken by the employer... to ensure illegal actions & behaviors cease immediately.

For the above reasons – this course was created! Most students that take our course, work investigations as a part of their duties. Others, work for an employer who has hired them to focus in this specific field only.  

Tuition Only $217.00